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Hand X-rays are used to detect hand fractures, tumors, foreign objects or degenerative conditions,arthritis . A hand X-ray can also be done to ascertain the "bone age" of a child. This can help determine if a health problem is preventing the child from growing properly or how much growth remains.

Five metacarpal bones form the skeleton of the palm of the hand. Proximally they articulate with the distal row of carpal bones. Distally each metacarpal enlarges to form a prominent head for articulation with a proximal phalanx of a finger.

Hand Pa view - Displays metacarpals, phalanges, radius and ulna in natural anatomical position.
Excellent view for monitoring metacarpals.
Ideal for identifying early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Hand oblique view- external oblique projection of the hand.

Hand lateral view - 90 ° projection to see PA refers to multiple carpal bones, often used to determine fracture displacement.
Foreign bodies are localized




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